Photo of our workshop at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas (Client: Opposed Media)

These days, you will find a seminar or workshop for almost anything. It isn’t surprising given it’s an excellent way to gain new information. By attending a seminar, you can learn new things without taking long classes. In Las Vegas, event managers organize workshops where millions of people visit every year.

Las Vegas is one of the leading destinations where people go to attend all kinds of events. You are probably also planning to organize your seminar in this city, but realize it can take a lot of work. Poor planning can ruin your event, not to mention cost you a lot of money. Hiring a Las Vegas event planner like SNAP can help you prevent this, but the tips below are also a huge help.

  1. Establish a Clear Set of Goals and a Rough Budget

Any plan must have a clear set of goals. Consider what you want to gain by organizing a seminar. If you understand what’s at stake, you can employ the right strategy to ensure the success of your event. Also, create a rough budget for the seminar by setting your ticket prices and using past workshops as a basis.

  • Set a Date and Schedule it Ahead of Time

You need to have enough time to plan everything since it’s easy to forget the smallest details if you are rushing everything at the last minute. Setting the date ahead of time ensures the seminar is nothing short of the best in terms of venue, catering, entertainment, and staff. It’s even more critical if the event will be in Las Vegas, where the perfect venues are often booked.

  • Look for the Best Venue to Cater to Your Demand

In Las Vegas, not looking for the venue ahead of time means it will be hard to find the best location that caters to your demand. It’s a good thing, though, that the city has just about everything so you almost have endless options. Vegas has some amazingly spacious convention centers, some of them have sizes over 200, 000 square feet. Off the strip, there are also “quieter” options, but the service is just as good and the price, not as steep. Ask your local Las Vegas Event Planner for tips!

The venue’s size and ambiance are two important elements to consider. Others include the amenities and availability of public transport. Consider places with presentation facilities, internet access, and proximity to the airport the airport if your attendees will come from outside the city or state.

  • Find the Right Engagement and Entertainment

Don’t overlook the engagement and entertainment factor when you organize a seminar. The lack of it can quickly kill the mood of your attendees, and you don’t want that to happen. Therefore, dedicate time and resources to find the right kind of engagement that suits your workshop.

From the promotional materials for your social media campaigns, to the one answering the door, to the performers at your afterparty, all attendees must feel engaged and entertained. At SNAP, we were able to place brand ambassadors, musicians, stand up comedians, models, and dancers for several clients. Trusting a pro to do it is the way to go!

  • Arrange for Catering and Accommodations

If your seminar is to happen over a few meal times, then you also need to hire a catering service. The same can be said if your event will occur for a few days. On both cases, you need to give enough notice to the caterer and the hotel. You must also consider the sleeping accommodations of the attendees when you pick the location for the event.

  • Identify Your Speakers and Provide Definitive Blocks of Time for Each

Selecting the speakers for your event is also a matter to consider ahead of time. Your speakers must be someone with a well-rounded knowledge on the topic of your seminar. They must also be well-respected and can elaborate on specific issues well, and eloquent on stage. It’s not enough that they’re experts, they have to be good public speakers too. After identifying your speakers, make sure to set definitive time blocks to give them enough time to explore the topics of the workshop.

  • Create a Seminar Agenda and Allow Participants to Have Free Time

Don’t forget to create a seminar agenda that highlights the key events along with speaking times for the seminar. You participants will appreciate knowing how long an event will be. Besides this, make sure to give them free time to explore Las Vegas so that the seminar feels a lot like a vacation. It will help to increase their interest to attend your workshop.

Organizing an event like this is daunting– you have to plan it and sell it– which is why it is common to hire an event manager in Las Vegas. But if you don’t want to hire a Las Vegas event planner, you can keep in mind the tips above to minimize the stress of planning for your event.

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