As fall comes around in Las Vegas, more people are planning to hold outdoor events. If you are one of them, you may be excited but also a little anxious since planning an outdoor event is more challenging than planning an indoor one. There’s a lot more factors that you cannot control, and those that you have to build a plan B on.

If you don’t want to ruin your outdoor Las Vegas events, here are some tips to follow:

Get the Proper Permits

Once you have a location in mind that suits your event, the very first thing to do is to get necessary permits. Coordinate with the respective agencies or offices to get your event permit before you plan the other details of your event. One of the major ways to get your event shut down is not acquiring a
permit so sort it out and follow all the event regulations in the city.



Plan in Advance
Once you have acquired your permit, you can now start planning for your outdoor event. Plan ahead of time so you can easily make adjustments if problems crop up. We recommend at least 3 months for small events: 20-100 people, and at least 6 months for anything bigger than that. If you’re not very good with event planning, you can hire a Las Vegas event planner like us at SNAP.

Doing this will make everything less stressful for you and your team. If you have a Las Vegas event manager by your side, you can have more unique and smart ideas to make your outdoor event successful. What’s more, it will also help you save more money becaue they can negotiate in your behalf and they already know the lay of the land. If you’re an event planner coming from another place and you’re planning to throw a Las Vegas outdoor party of event, a Las Vegas DMC (Destination Management Coordinator) will be perfect for you.

Keep Track of the Weather
Because your event will be held outdoors, the weather can affect the success of your event. Though it is usually warm in Las Vegas, you can’t predict rain so you have to keep track of it. In fact, in 2018, snow fell over Las Vegas, the first one in more than a decade! That was one hell of a surprise!

You can set up tents so you don’t have to cancel your event due to inclement weather. If things get worse and you have to cancel the event, you
should know your insurance options, cost liabilities and contract details. This relates to catering services, security and equipment and venue rental. It is always important to have backup plans which you should discuss with your event manager Las Vegas beforehand.

Make your Guests Comfortable
If there’s one thing you should focus on during the event, this is on making your guests feel comfortable. Don’t ever give them a reason to leave the event or become dissatisfied with your
amenities. Provide them with the best amenities available for their comfort such as outhouse and sanitation facilities. If it is hot, use mist fans, coolers and make sure there is a steady supply of drinking water. Keep hand wipes and sanitizers handy as well as bug spray, sunscreen, and bug zappers. Then prep for heaters and light blankets if it’s chilly.

Also, provide your guests with enough entertainment so they won’t feel bored and isolated. SNAP is home to highly rated professional dancers, standup comedians, musicians, DJs and other forms of Las Vegas entertainment.

Prepare for Emergencies

Accidents are inevitable especially if the place is crowded. As the event planner, it is your job to ensure the safety and security of your guests. Prepare for any contingency and make sure that your
security team knows the area. Set up a first-aid area and an emergency medical team. If you’re holding a big event, you have to prepare for the worst and be fully in charge of your guests. Identify the closest hospitals just in case someone gets hurt. If children will be attending, you have to make sure there is a help desk, a lost-and-found area, and good communications between you and your Las Vegas security team especially if you are expecting hundreds or thousands of guests.

There you go, now you can be much more confident that your Las Vegas outdoor event will be much more organized and well-planned! And hey, when things get too crazy, you can always hit us up and let the pros handle it.

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